NOAA In Your State and Territory


To view a snapshot and highlight of NOAA facilities, staff, programs, or activities based in, or focused on, your state or territory, please click on the list below. Each state or territory is available as an MS Word document and/or a PDF.

US Map

Alabama [MSWord] [PDF]
Alaska [MSWord] [PDF]
American Samoa [MSWord] [PDF]

Arizona [MSWord] [PDF]
Arkansas [MSWord] [PDF]
California [MSWord] [PDF]
Colorado [MSWord] [PDF]
Connecticut [MSWord] [PDF]
Delaware [MSWord] [PDF]
District of Columbia [MSWord] [PDF]
Florida [MSWord] [PDF]
Georgia [MSWord] [PDF]
Guam [MSWord] [PDF]
Hawaii [MSWord] [PDF]
[MSWord] [PDF]
Illinois [MSWord] [PDF]

Indiana [MSWord] [PDF]
Iowa [MSWord] [PDF]
Kansas [MSWord] [PDF]
Kentucky [MSWord] [PDF]
Louisiana [MSWord] [PDF]
Maine [MSWord] [PDF]
Maryland [MSWord] [PDF]
Massachusetts [MSWord] [PDF]
Michigan [MSWord] [PDF]
Minnesota [MSWord] [PDF]
Mississippi [MSWord] [PDF]
Missouri [MSWord] [PDF]
Montana [MSWord] [PDF]
Nebraska [MSWord] [PDF]
Nevada [MSWord] [PDF]
New Hampshire [MSWord] [PDF]
New Jersey [MSWord] [PDF]
New Mexico [MSWord] [PDF]
New York [MSWord] [PDF]
North Carolina [MSWord] [PDF]
North Dakota [MSWord] [PDF]
Northern Mariana Islands [MSWord] [PDF]
Ohio [MSWord] [PDF]
Oklahoma [MSWord] [PDF]
Oregon [MSWord] [PDF]
Pennsylvania [MSWord] [PDF]
Puerto Rico [MSWord] [PDF]
Rhode Island [MSWord] [PDF]
South Carolina [MSWord] [PDF]
South Dakota [MSWord] [PDF]
Tennessee [MSWord] [PDF]
Texas [MSWord] [PDF]
Utah [MSWord] [PDF]
Vermont [MSWord] [PDF]
U.S. Virgin Islands [MSWord] [PDF]
Virginia [MSWord] [PDF]
Washington [MSWord] [PDF]
West Virginia [MSWord] [PDF]
Wisconsin [MSWord] [PDF]
Wyoming [MSWord] [PDF]