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October 2017


Senator Sullivan Tours Marine Institute

On October 10, Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) joined officials from NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service for a tour of the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute in Juneau, Alaska.
OLIA Lead: Topher Holmes


House Members Tour Charleston Harbor

On October 6, Representative Mark Sanford (R SC-1), Representative Bill Schuster (R PA-9), Representative Jeff Denham (R CA-10), and Representative David Joyce (R OH-14) joined officials from NOAA’s National Ocean Service for a tour of the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina. Organized by the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Charleston, the tour was an opportunity to give the Members an overview of the maritime transportation system at the harbor and to discuss the harbor deepening. Officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA's Office of Coast Survey, and SC Ports also attended.  As part of this tour, NOAA's Southeast Navigation Manager briefed the Members about recent harbor survey efforts and chart updates in the area.
OLIA Lead: Mike Jarvis


Hurricane Maria Reconnaissance, Response, and Recovery Aircraft Flight and Mission Info Recap

The Hurricane Maria Flight and Mission Info Recap provides a summary of OMAO's aircraft flights in support of hurricane reconnaissance, response, and recovery missions related to Hurricane Maria that includes dates and times of flights, data gathered, and images of the flight paths.
OLIA Lead: Tim Bagley


NOAA Fleet Update - October 2017

The NOAA Fleet Update - October 2017 [PDF] provides the status of NOAA’s fleet of ships and aircraft, which play a critical role in the collection of oceanographic, atmospheric, hydrographic, and fisheries data. NOAA’s current fleet of 16 ships – the largest civilian research and survey fleet in the world – and nine aircraft, are operated, managed, and maintained by NOAA’s Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO). OMAO includes civilians, mariners, and officers of the United States NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps (NOAA Corps), one of the nation’s seven Uniformed Services.
OLIA Lead: Tim Bagley


Senator Cochran and Representative Palazzo Staff Attend Anniversary for Oregon II

On October 5, staff for Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) and Representative Steven Palazzo (R MS-4) joined officials from NOAA’s Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO), the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, and other NOAA Line, Staff, Corporate, and Program Offices as well as our federal and private partners for an event honoring the 50th Anniversary of the NOAA Ship Oregon II and tour of the Fisheries Labs in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The ship, first launched in 1967, has served NOAA since 1975 and conducts a variety of fisheries, plankton and marine mammal surveys in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
OLIA Lead: Tim Bagley


Senate and House Staff Attend NOAA Industry Day

On October 5, all interested Senate and House staff joined officials from NOAA’s National Ocean Service; National Weather Service; and National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service for a NOAA Industry Day for Recreational Navigation Systems in Annapolis, Maryland. The event offered a series of presentations and discussions by experts on a number of topics of interest including:

OLIA Lead: Mike Jarvis


Senator Schatz and Senate and House Staff Visit NOAA Ship

On October 1, Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) and staff for Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Representative Colleen Hanabusa (D HI-1), and Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D HI-2) joined officials from NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research for a tour of the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer in Honolulu, Hawaii. The tour highlighted new discoveries of previously unexplored seafloor from the last three years of NOAA’s central Pacific Ocean exploration and research, a first-hand view of the advanced ship and scientific technologies, and opportunity to talk with the talented explorers dedicated to increasing our understanding of the ocean planet.

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is managed and operated by staff and officers from NOAA's Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO) and the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps.
OLIA Lead: Becky Cruz Lizama